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Frequently asked questions

What does "Lifetime" mean?

This means you pay once and have access to the Divhunt platform and its features forever, without any recurring charges.

Any recurring fees in the future?

None at all. These Lifetime Deals are strictly one-time payments.

How does the linear pricing model work?

When you buy more than one code for a plan, your limits multiply. So, if you buy two codes for a plan that offers 55GB of CDN storage, you get 110GB of CDN storage, and so on.

What if I goes beyond the allocated limits?

We've got you covered. We'll notify you, giving you the option to upgrade or manage your usage.

Can I distribute my limits across different projects?

Absolutely! With our flexible limits, you decide how to use your resources. Whether you want to concentrate them on a single project or spread them across several, it's entirely up to you.

Can I free up the limits if I transfer the project to the client's account?

Yes, transferring the project will release the resources from your account, making them available for new projects.

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