Template Designs Submission Guidelines

Explore our submission guidelines for template designs.

Designer Agreement

  • Exclusive to Divhunt:Templates must remain exclusive to Divhunt and cannot be resold elsewhere.
  • No Affiliate Links:Templates should not contain any affiliate links.
  • No Personal Branding:Personal branding within templates is not allowed.
  • Template Removal:Divhunt reserves the right to remove poorly-performing templates.
  • Content Responsibility:Designers are responsible for all content. Premium assets aren’t allowed. Use free resources such as: Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, Unsplash.com
  • Approval Timeframe:Design submissions are typically reviewed within 14 days for approval.


Templates are stored within the designer's Divhunt account. Designers hold responsibility for any unauthorized content. Divhunt is not liable for such occurrences.

Design Support

Design support is the responsibility of the creator. Divhunt ensures support for the live template's functionality.


  • By participating in our template marketplace, you have the potential to earn up to 75% from template sales.

  • Your earnings vary based on sales, commencing at 50% as the initial rate.

  • If discounts are applied to certain templates, they impact earnings calculation.

  • Payouts occur on the 15th of each following month.

  • Earning terms are experimental and subject to change.

Design Quality

  • Clean and User-Friendly:Your design must uphold a clean and user-friendly aesthetic.
  • Predefined Styles:Incorporate predefined styles such as colors, headings, and more.
  • Responsive Design:While recommended, responsive design is optional.
  • Content Responsibility:The designer is responsible for providing the content within the template.

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