Happy New Year!

2023: A Year to Remember2024: A Year to Anticipate

From groundbreaking updates to a thriving community β€” discover our year's successes and get excited for what's next! Join us in celebrating our achievements and look forward to even more innovative features in the upcoming year.


Laying the Foundations

Divhunt's journey began in 2020, and since then, we've completely rebuilt our platform three times. Each iteration was a huge leap forward, but we held back on going live until we were truly satisfied. Our goal? To set a new standard in the market as the most powerful and limittless, yet affordable platform.

Using what we've learned from our past work, we started a major overhaul in January 2023, re-coding Divhunt from scratch. The result has been incredibly rewarding. We've developed a core system that enables us to build new features at a pace much faster than our competitors. Our semi open-source approach empowers developers to seamlessly extend Divhunt's functionalities through native plugins. And we are sure that we will never hit a limit, there's nothing that we can't build, we just need a bit of time. πŸ˜

Everything you see today in Divhunt is technically done this year, so we can't wait to see what we can achieve in 2024! πŸš€



We've been looking forward to this moment and couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Our official launch on AppSumo in July 2023 began with a beta version, which, despite having its bugs and missing features, improved significantly thanks to our community's reports.

The AppSumo platform was essential for gaining feedback, feature requests, and building our initial user base. 
Thank you for being a part of our journey! πŸ™

Post-launch, we chose to go quiet on the marketing front, focusing instead on enhancing our product and supporting our current users. Once we complete a few key features we're working on, we're planning to roll out major marketing campaigns early in 2024, a phase we're excited to label as 'Launch v2.0.'






Launched Websites



Five Star Reviews



Websites Uptime

Features Recap

In this year-end recap, we're taking a moment to highlight the big steps forward at Divhunt. A lot of our time and effort went into enhancing key features like pages, layers, builder, content, and many more – these form the core of what we do. But beyond these essentials, we've made some significant strides. Let's look back at the major achievements that have shaped our journey this year!



We’ve released CMS & kept improving during the year

In July, we launched a basic beta version of our CMS, and over the following months, we've made significant improvements. Now, it has evolved into a highly stable and competitive CMS, boasting a wide range of capabilities!


Completely free multilingual support

Effortlessly add up to 15 languages for free! Keep a uniform design across all languages, and easily switch between them with just one click to modify content.


Forms with support to send inquiries to email, slack and hubspot

Enhance client communication with forms. Samlessly integrate with email, Slack, and HubSpot for efficient management.


Full SEO Support

Customize your global meta data or fine-tune it for specific pages to enhance visibility. Take control of your sitemap, manage robots.txt for optimal search engine crawling, and utilize schemas to structure your data effectively.


Wireframes & Sections

Introducing wireframes and sections in our Builder, enabling you to swiftly create websites with ease. Simply drag and drop the desired section onto your page for rapid, hassle-free design.


We set new standard in builder & website speed

Performance is our obsession. Through rigorous server and code enhancements, we deliver exceptional speed for both our builder and your websites. Websites load in under 600ms, and building them feels as smooth and fast as working on a super-computer.



Use Divhunt with your favorite CMS. Our REST API lets you easily pull in data from any platform with REST API routes. Get more from your CMS without leaving it.


Airtable & Strapi integrations

Using Airtable or Strapi as your CMS? Effortlessly pair it with Divhunt for your front-end needs. With just a couple of clicks, you can import all your data directly into Divhunt!


Code Files

Crafted by developers, for developers! 🀍
Keep your CSS & JS neatly organized with our file system, offering a familiar feel just like your favorite code editor!


Export code

We've developed a unique export code feature that stands out in the market. With it, you can generate your export and preview each file live before downloading. Expect clean, semantic code for static files, and we'll also neatly package all your assets for you.



Components are vital for sections that frequently repeat across your website's pages. They allow you to maintain different content in each instance, providing a powerful way to unify and streamline your project effectively.


Custom Breakpoints

Custom breakpoints allow precise control over your website's responsiveness. Tailor your design to perfectly fit any screen size, ensuring optimal viewing on all devices. Ideal for detailed layouts and specific device targeting.


Conditional Visibility

This feature is crucial for handling large CMS & REST API data. It lets you dynamically hide parts of your website based on values received from your CMS or REST API, providing essential flexibility and control.


301 Redirects

Our 301 redirects feature makes it easy to guide visitors from old URLs to new ones. It's perfect for keeping your site easy to navigate and your SEO strong, especially when you're updating or reshaping your website.



Introducing a game-changer in no-code tools: our looping feature. Ideal for elements that repeat, like testimonials. Simply loop a single card, change the content for each iteration, and voila! A time-saving, innovative solution for your designs.


Google & Bunny fonts

In just a few clicks, you can add any Google Font to your website. For GDPR compliance, simply switch the provider to Bunny. Quick, easy, and compliant with your needs.


GSAP Animations Plugin

Fully static websites are gradually becoming a thing of the past. With our plugin, create elegant, scroll-triggered animations without any coding. You'll be amazed by the possibilities and ease of bringing your website to life.


30+ Plugins Released

We're really excited about our plugin system – it's one of the coolest things we've done. This year alone, we've added over 30 new plugins. Think sliders, tabs, accordions, pagination, you name it. And guess what? There's more on the way!


Refreshed UI/UX of Designer

We've got a New Year's surprise! We just rolled out a brand-new designer to make working on your webiste a whole lot smoother and more fun. Can't wait for you to give it a spin and see the difference!

The Future is 2024

Get ready for a year filled with new features, improved user experiences, and even more powerful applications. Join us on this exciting journey into the future of technology!




Over the past few months, we've been busy developing a new Marketplace system and crafting over 25 fresh templates, both free and premium. With the launch of our Marketplace, we're opening the doors for anyone to publish their own templates. Plus, we're excited to share all the new designs we've been working on!


New Website

We're super excited about the year ahead, filled with massive marketing campaigns. And guess what? We're sprucing up our look with a brand-new, stunning website. Can't wait to show it off and hear what you think!


Start of marketing campaign

Just like we mentioned before, we've kept things low-key since our AppSumo campaign, putting all our energy into product development and our existing customers. This year, we're launching some big campaigns to spread the word about Divhunt far and wide. We're hoping to welcome loads of new, happy customers!


CMS Improvements

We're committed to delivering the best CMS in the market, and we're headed in the right direction. This year, brace yourself for exciting features like repeater fields, advanced filtering options, search capabilities, APIs, and a lot more.


Custom Fonts

We're excited to bring you a highly requested feature ASAP! While there's a workaround for custom fonts in Divhunt, we're committed to providing native support.


New advanced timeline animation interface based on GSAP

While our GSAP plugin is powerful for advanced animations, there are limits. That's why we're launching a native application for limitless animations, built on the advanced GSAP library. We're covering all their features, including the popular timeline-based animations.


Webhooks and support for Make & Zapier integrations

With Webhooks, we're opening the door to seamless connections with platforms like Make and Zapier, and the possibilities are endless.


Complete dev docs for third-party developers

We're opening our doors to 3rd party developers, inviting them to help us make Divhunt even better. To ensure a smooth collaboration, we're putting together detailed documentation. Together, we'll take Divhunt to new heights!



We understand the challenge of finding user-friendly, secure, and affordable membership solutions in today's market. That's why one of our top priorities for 2024 is to introduce a Membership application that checks all these boxes.



At Divhunt, we envision a bright future for Ecommerce websites. Our goal is to provide you with the finest, easily customizable, and budget-friendly solution. In 2024, we'll introduce the beta version of our Ecommerce application, and in the years ahead we plan to make it perfect by extending it with various of features.


Better permission system and team settings

Agencies are a vital part of our community, and we're dedicated to making their experience exceptional. That's why we're developing an advanced permission system that can handle any scenario and an easy team management system.


Live collaboration

Collaborating in teams on large projects is common for rapid development. Our goal is to enable real-time collaboration, allowing teammates to see each other's live updates and avoid conflicts.


Constant improvements of already existing features

Just like we've been doing it so far, we believe in keeping our existing systems regularly updated because there's always room for improvement!


Many more plugins

We believe there's no such thing as too many plugins. We're inviting 3rd party developers to join us in creating an expansive library of plugins. Get ready for a treasure chest of new capabilities!

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