Bridging the Worlds of No-Code and Development

As the no-code industry progresses, the line between no-code and custom development gets blurred more and more. Let's explore how we can unite these 2 worlds for the betterment of everyone!

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With the rise of no-code development, there are a lot of questions about it and it’s place in the market. 

Tools like Wix and Squarespace burst onto the scene and made a huge splash by allowing literally anyone to build a nice website for their business, no matter how little technical knowledge they have. 

Because of this, many people think of less-serious, amateur websites when they think of no-code. That’s no longer the case, let’s talk about why 

The no-code movement is aimed at democratizing the web. Things that were once only possible for trained developers can now be done by anybody. 

People can now build anything from a landing page to a complex web app with built in logic, payments, and more - without writing a single line of code. 

That being said, just because everybody has the tools to do something doesn’t mean they can do it. 

Here’s an analogy of how the world was before the no-code movement. 

Imagine a world where nobody owned tools except for handymen. 

Anything you need to do, from tightening a loose screw to full-on structural work required the help of handymen. 

That sounds very expensive and frustrating, doesn’t it? 

That’s how it used to work. Anything you needed to do on your website, from a simple color change, all the way to complex functionality required a developer. Because of this, much fewer people were actually able to contribute to the growing world of the internet. 

To continue the same analogy from before, imagine everyone on earth was given a full toolbox. While they certainly won’t be able to do everything on their own, they will be able to handle the basic stuff, so the handymen can be left to do the difficult, expert work which only they are capable of doing. 

That’s the no-code movement in a nutshell. Developers are no less important than they were before, but more people are empowered to contribute. 

Can only basic stuff be done with no-code tools?

Thanks to the ever-improving world of no-code tools, there are some amazing things that can be done without needing to hire a developer. 

Many of the sites you use every day were made by people who have no idea how to code - but you wouldn’t know that just by using them. 

In conclusion 

While there is no certain answer to which one of these options reigns supreme, your project likely has certain criteria which are more important than others. 

It’s important to take these into consideration when deciding how to develop your website. At the end of the day, while both have their pros and cons, traditional development guarantees you will not be blocked by certain technology, while no-code development gives you the potential to save copious amounts of time and money, often with the exact same result you would have got out of traditional development.

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