When Does No-Code Beat Traditional Development?

Explore the pros and cons of traditional and no-code development and how your project specifics decide the best fit.

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With any development project, the first thing you need to consider is what approach you will take.

For many people, the choice is between following a traditional development process and using no-code tools such as Webflow, Framer, and Editor X, to name a few.

There is no right or wrong answer about which of these methods is better - it all depends on the specifics of your project. Let’s explore a few things you need to consider when deciding which approach to take into consideration.

Launch Speed 

Make no mistake: if launching something fast is your top priority, no-code tools are the way to go. You won’t have to worry about hosting or security; top no-code platforms will handle many other things. You also may not need to hire anyone to help you, depending on the tool you are using and your overall technical knowledge level.


There’s a reason why no-code tools are such big businesses. They often take a hefty margin because they save you a lot of time and development costs. That being said, not everyone will save money using no-code development tools. Suppose you are a developer familiar with hosting websites and open-source content management systems. In that case, you will save a fair amount of money doing everything yourself instead of using tools like Webflow.

On the other hand, if you are not an experienced developer, you will need to hire one, which will be costly. With the money you will save in development costs, you will likely save a lot by using no-code tools, even if you hire an expert to work on it.


Many no-code tools render your website in specific ways that will hurt your search performance - however, some tools render your website ideally and have tools that will help you optimize your website for search.

The beauty of traditional development is that the options are endless - you can have a website that is as optimized as is technically possible. However, out of the box - nothing is done for you. Because of this, traditionally developed websites often rank worse than websites developed with no-code tools.

If a project warrants paying an entire development team to make everything perfect, traditional development will beat tools like Webflow. However, certain no-code web builders like Divhunt give you the best of both worlds by providing you with everything you need right out of the box without limiting your ability to make crucial updates.

Design Customizability 

With a traditionally developed website, the sky is the limit - but that’s also true with some of the more professional no-code tools, such as Webflow, Framer, Editor X, and Divhunt.

Unless you use no-code web builders made for DIYers, you will likely never encounter any design customizability issues.

Connecting Data 

This is a category where most no-code tools need to catch up. If connecting various data points to your website is crucial to its success, you may run into significant blockers that require you to start your project from scratch.

For this reason, traditional development has historically been the way to go with these projects.

However, some newer no-code builders like Divhunt are working to bridge this gap by allowing you to connect anything you want to your website.

In Conclusion 

While there is no sure answer to which one of these options reigns supreme, your project likely has specific criteria that are more important than others.

It’s essential to consider these when deciding how to develop your website. At the end of the day, while both have pros and cons, traditional development guarantees a specific technology will not limit you. In contrast, no-code development gives you the potential to save copious amounts of time and money, often with the same result you would have gotten out of traditional development.

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