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For anyone with a background in development, the '!Important' tag in CSS is a old good friend. It's a little tool that says, "Hey, prioritize this style!" Today, we're excited to bring this feature to Divhunt. You can effortlessly right-click on any style and assign the '!Important' to anything.

Now, if you're thinking why we'd introduce such a developer-centric feature into a no-code tool, let's unravel the mystery:

Within Divhunt, there's a layered system when styling elements, which can be broadly categorized into tags, classes, and global tags. It operates in a hierarchical manner, much like a pecking order: direct tags stand at the forefront, followed by classes, and finally, global tags. Check out our explanation here.

Occasionally, when building, you may find the need to make a class style stronger than a direct tag. On the surface, one might think, "Why not just modify the direct tag style?" While that approach works in isolated scenarios, the waters get murkier when you are working with loops or components. That's because any direct changes to a tag will impact all other items of loop or component.

Here's where the '!Important' feature comes in handy. By marking a specific style with 'Important', you're telling the system that this particular style should be a top priority, even over a direct tag. Using this feature won't mess with other items in your loop or component, it is affecting only items where you applied that class. 

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