Rich Text Element

We are introducing Rich Text Element. Speed up your way of adding content, easily add headings, paragraphs, lists, photos and many more.


A no-code tool is all about making things easier. You can build stuff visually without worrying about the backend headaches or coding. With that in mind, we are introducing one of the most useful feature for this case, especially for work inside the CMS, such as Blog posts - Rich Text Element. The Rich Text Element offers a lot of possibilities, such as:

  • Format text: Apply different text styles such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, or change the font color.
  • Create headings: Use various heading levels to structure your content and improve readability.
  • Add links: Insert clickable hyperlinks to direct users to external websites or internal pages.
  • Create lists: Easily create bulleted or numbered lists to organize information.
  • Adjust text alignment: Align your text to the left, right, center, or justify it for a cleaner layout.
  • Embed photos and videos: Easily integrate photos and videos into your content. Upload from your computer or link the video from YouTube, Vimeo, or other platforms.
  • Highlight text: Apply background colors or add emphasis to specific words or phrases.
  • Format quotes: Use blockquote formatting to distinguish and highlight quoted text from the main content.
  • And many more

Manage your content visually without writing a single line of code.

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