Rich Text Editor - Exciting Updates

Enhanced link features, presets, video embedding, and more for an enjoyable content writing experience.


As we promised, we continue to improve our CMS. This time, we've focused on one of its most vital components - the rich-text editor. You'll now enjoy enhanced link customization, table, preset info, alert, and warning boxes, straightforward embedding for YouTube and Vimeo, more text alignment options, and the capability to add a custom class, ID, or style to your text. We're confident these updates will elevate your user experience.

Better link customization

Previously, links within our rich-text editor would open in the same tab, which wasn't always the preferred behavior, especially for external sites. Now, we've enhanced the editor with the option to set the link target to '_blank', allowing links to conveniently open in a new tab. Additionally, we've enriched the 'rel' attribute options to provide more control over your links. You can now choose from:

  • nofollow: This informs search engines not to follow or rank the linked URL.
  • noopener: A security feature, this opens the link in a new tab or window without giving that new page access to the one it was opened from.
  • noreferrer: For those concerned about privacy, this ensures no referral data is passed when the link is clicked.
  • author: Highlight links that lead to information about the author or creator of the content.

These additions give you greater flexibility and security when crafting and linking content in our editor.


Create tables with ease inside your posts. They adjust automatically to fit all devices. Plus, you can add as many columns and rows as you like.

Preset boxes (info, warning & alert)

We understand the importance of clear communication, especially when creating documentation. To make your job easier, we've introduced three handy presets: 'info', 'warning', and 'error'. Simply draft your paragraph, and with a single click, you can transform its appearance to align with one of these presets. 

Text alignment options

We get that how your text looks matters. So, we've added a feature that lets you easily align your text to the left, center, or right. It's a basic tool, but one that makes a big difference. Now, you can set your text just the way you want, making it more reader-friendly.

Youtube & Vimeo Embed

Our updated rich-text editor now supports direct embedding from YouTube and Vimeo. Just copy a video link from either platform and paste it into the editor. Voilà! Your video is automatically embedded, enriching your content and engaging your audience more dynamically.

Styling control

At times, you might want to give a unique style to certain text in your post. Now, it's simpler than ever. You can either use a class you've set up in the builder or directly apply styles to the element. Plus, there's an option to add an ID for anchoring.

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