Product Updates Recap: June 2023


June was heavy on us. Our official launch on AppSumo was scheduled for the 5th of July, so we went full force for the entire month, with no days off.

Our main focus was to fix all of the bugs, and to improve already existing features. Creating new features was put on the side, but we still did an amazing job. The whole CMS was developed in only 7 days and we released the beta version of it.

Here’s an overview of what we’ve done this month:

Workflow Bug Fixes & Enhancements

In June, we mainly focused on thoroughly testing our builder, fixing bugs, and improving our product wherever possible.

We launched on AppSumo on July 5th, with the expectation that many people would use Divhunt to build websites. We spent a lot of time perfecting every small detail. We're thrilled with the results; we received very few bug reports from the AppSumo community! You can check our AppSumo offer here.

If you want to find out what we have fixed, click here.

CMS Beta

We're excited to announce the beta release of our new Content Management System (CMS). We know how important a CMS is for creating dynamic content for websites. So, we've made this tool versatile to manage all kinds of content - Blogs, Products, Landing Pages or even simpler elements like Team Members or Testimonials. Our CMS makes creating content easy! Read more here.

Layers just got better!

We've refined our layers panel UI for enhanced clarity. Now, selecting a tag also highlights all nested children for better visual connection.

Furthermore, we've improved drag & drop functionality. As you move layers, a helpful label now shows the intended placement of the dragged item (after, before, or inside). This ensures precise layer positioning every time. Enjoy the upgrades!

Dynamic Variables UI

Everyone needs dynamic data, but it can be tough to display it without writing complex custom code. That's why we've created a simple variables system. Depending on your data source, be it some CMS, Airtable, Strapi, or any other Rest API, this system fetches all your data. You can then link the fields with a simple click. Read more here.

Builder Performance Improved

Even before this update, our builder could handle unlimited pages. However, there could be some slowing down after creating 200+ pages, especially on less powerful computers.

Today, we've erased that worry. Now, we're confident that your builder will work smoothly, no matter how many pages you have, be it 1, 30, or 500. You deserve nothing less! Read more here.

Components Improvement

!{video 16:9 [autoplay,muted,playsinline,loop]}(https://global.divhunt.com/6ca8ee62e3428f9e73e6af609a7f8993_1149587.mp4)

We've introduced a handy update to improve your workflow when creating components. While you've always been able to turn your work into reusable components, now it's even easier. Simply right-click on your creation, select "Create component," and voila! Read more here.

Custom State Selector

It doesn't matter how powerful no-code tools become, there is always a developer who finds it easier to do something with a bit of custom code, I am guilty of this one too! 😁 Read more here.

Visibility Inside Components & Loop

Imagine having a perfect component that you want to use on another page, but there's a button in it that you don't need. Usually, hiding the button in the designer means it disappears everywhere - that's how components work.

But now, we have a new feature in the settings tab. This allows you to hide the button just in one place - easy, right? Read more here.

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