Product Updates Recap: August 2023


We might've seemed a bit quiet this month, but don't be fooled! We're cooking up something BIG for Divhunt. Can't spill the beans just yet, but trust us, it's gonna be awesome. 😎 Despite being swamped, we still managed to tackle some top requests from you guys. Here's what we jazzed up in August!

Here’s an overview of what we’ve done this month:

Rich Text Editor - Improvements

As we promised, we continue to improve our CMS. This time, we've focused on one of its most vital components - the rich-text editor. You'll now enjoy enhanced link customization, table, preset info, alert, and warning boxes, straightforward embedding for YouTube and Vimeo, more text alignment options, and the capability to add a custom class, ID, or style to your text. We're confident these updates will elevate your user experience. You can read more about it here.

We've made something really amazing! We just launched a Popup plugin, and it is the best plugin that no-code world has seen before. You can now make dropdown menus, mega menus, and usual popups without a hassle. With a few simple clicks, pick where you want your popup to show, add a background overlay, and more. You can read more about it here.

Google Fonts via Bunny CDN (GDPR Compliant)

We know being GDPR compliant in Europe is key. That's why we're taking steps towards this. Now, instead of using Google Fonts directly, we're giving you an option to use them through Bunny CDN, making them GDPR compliant. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not.

Default SEO Options for CMS Items

Every piece of content deserves proper visibility. Understanding the importance of SEO for your blogs, we've introduced predefined fields in your CMS items: Meta Title, Meta Description, and OG:Image. While you always had the freedom to customize these before, we've now made it more straightforward. This update is all about making your content crafting and SEO optimization an enjoyable tandem.

Set Style as Important

For anyone with a background in development, the '!Important' tag in CSS is a old good friend. It's a little tool that says, "Hey, prioritize this style!" Today, we're excited to bring this feature to Divhunt. You can effortlessly right-click on any style and assign the '!Important' to anything. You can read more about it here.

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