Predefined Blocks

Build websites faster with new predefined blocks, including forms, checkboxes, and auto-rotating tabs. Try now!


Our goal is to empower you to build websites quickly. A month ago, we introduced sections & wireframes, taking a big step in convenience. Now, we're going one step further.

We've added predefined blocks, simple yet incredibly useful tools to speed up your design process. You can now easily add whole forms, checkboxes, radio buttons, columns, date pickers, and other essential elements with just a drag & drop.

What's even more exciting? Every transform plugin you install will come with its own predefined block, ready to be used immediately. You just drag, drop and make slight adjustments if needed. For example, we offer four types of tabs, including auto-rotating ones! You can also effortlessly add YouTube or Vimeo videos, create marquee effects, and more. Give these new features a try, and elevate your website-building experience!

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