Multilingual Support

Enhance global reach with native multilingual support for your projects. Simplify site maintenance, boost SEO visibility, and save time and money.


Multilingual websites have many vital purposes for every website:

  • Expand your global reach
  • Effectively communicate with customers, partners, and stakeholders across different countries
  • Support international business operations
  • Boost credibility and trust
  • Better SEO and search visibility

At Divhunt, we recognize these points’ significance. That’s why we provide native multilingual support for all your projects, with a simple and easy-to-use setup process and UI. After setting up the preferred languages, you can easily switch between different languages and make content changes directly in the Builder, eliminating the need to rely on expensive third-party services, valuable time, and making site maintenance much easier.

Our goal is to simplify the process of creating and maintaining multilingual websites, saving you both time and money.

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