More Speed Improvements

Up to 50% faster load times! Better code Minification, 20+ CDN Locations, Pages Lazy Load


We've always prided ourselves on the fast loading times of websites built with Divhunt, but we didn't stop there. We've made further improvements, reducing load times by up to 50%! Even our marketing website, which is content-rich with 12MB of images and videos on the homepage, now loads in under 800ms.

This is more than just a claim; you can see the results for yourself. Check here.

What changed?

We like to keep things transparent, and developers might find these information interesting, so heres how we improved our scores:

Better minification of HTML, CSS & JS. 

We always had our code minified, but it was only regular minifcation. Now with this system we intergrated a minification of code that actually shortens variables, so it reduces file size up to 40% in total. 

CDN Now Supports Over 20 Locations

Divhunt's websites are now faster and more accessible than ever, thanks to an expanded CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. Previously, we only supported a few locations like the USA and Germany, but as of today, we've extended our reach to more than 20 locations worldwide. No matter where your visitors are, they can enjoy a quick and responsive browsing experience on your website!

Pages Lazy Load

All websites in Divhunt are designed as single-page applications, which means that once the initial page is loaded, every other page appears instantly. However, in the past, if you visited a website with a large number of pages, like 300+ pages, the entire JSON file containing all your site's data would be loaded in the background. This could create a massive file and potentially slow down the website's performance.

But now, we've made a significant improvement. Instead of loading the entire JSON file at once, we generate a separate JSON file for each page. This file only loads when you attempt to access that specific page. So whether you have 1 or 5000 pages, your website's performance will remain consistent and fast. This new 'Pages Lazy Load' feature ensures a more efficient and responsive browsing experience for all your visitors.

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