Export Code

Divhunt now lets you generate export files, which you can preview and download!


Today, we're thrilled to introduce a highly-requested feature: the ability to export your website files! This addition is perfect for creating backups or transitioning to a different hosting provider.

When you initiate an export, you'll receive the HTML of all pages, along with all assets. Additionally, you have the fantastic option to preview each file before finalizing the export. This method provides a swift way to update your website hosted elsewhere. If you make changes on Divhunt, simply copy and paste the updated page and CSS file. There's no need to re-export and import everything. The code exported by Divhunt is human-readable, clean, and semantic. None of the code is minified, except for jQuery and Divhunt's framework, which you shouldn’t modify anyway.

Here's how you can export your files:

  1. Navigate to your website's admin panel.
  2. Go to applications and install Wexport.
  3. After installation, a new icon will appear in the top left for generating your export.
  4. Once the export is generated, you'll see a page containing all the HTML, CSS, & JS files, which you can preview.
  5. Click 'export' in the top right corner to download a ZIP file of your website.

While you can host your site anywhere, here’s why you might want to stick with Divhunt:

  • Features linked to the Divhunt back-end system, such as the CMS, REST API, Forms, and some plugins, won’t function elsewhere.
  • Our hosting is top-tier, optimized for peak performance.
  • With Divhunt, your site benefits from global hosting through a CDN, ensuring speedy access for visitors worldwide.
  • Your website pages load instantaneously on Divhunt thanks to Single Page Application (SPA) technology.
  • Updating a website becomes significantly more complex.

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