Edit Custom CSS of any HTML Tag or Class

Embrace custom code magic! Directly import CSS from Figma, edit HTML tags, target states, and unleash limitless design potential.


Sometimes, developing a website requires the flexibility of custom-code magic. We strive to make this process seamless and fully accessible to users. That’s why we have implemented a feature that allows you to easily access and add or edit custom CSS of any HTML Tag.

We are sure that you run up to a scenario where you need to replicate shadows from a design tool like Figma to a no-code platform. That can be a confusing process, figuring out which property corresponds to what. This can quickly become time-consuming and frustrating. With our solution, simply copy the shadow CSS property from Figma and paste it directly as the custom CSS of the Tag.

This is only a very basic example. Our custom code feature opens up a world of unlimited possibilities. It’s not limited to simple properties like shadows; you can target more advanced states using CSS selectors or write any CSS properties your design requires.

In addition, this feature fills the gaps if certain CSS properties are not yet supported natively via Divhunt’s UI, opening truly unlimited possibilities for your builds.

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