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Experience efficient code management with Divhunt. Create and organize your CSS & JS files just like in your favorite code editor.


Managing custom code within the HTML Embeds or Page Settings can become messy and time-consuming, especially when multiple scripts are on the same page. At Divhunt, we provide a better solution by allowing you to organize your code files in a more structured way, just like you store your documents in the folders and those folders into drawers.

Inside our no-code builder, you can create new code files with different types, such as CSS or JS, and store them in their designated place. This organized approach simplifies managing and locating your code, saving you valuable time and effort. Additionally, you can choose when each file should be executed; either when the page loads, on a certain scroll of the page, or even on a specific Tag click.

Separating your code into individual files and organizing them accordingly can boost your workflow and speed up the building time. Build better and faster with Divhunt!

To maximize your website's performance, we bundle and minify all code files when your site is published.

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