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We're excited to announce the beta release of our new Content Management System (CMS). We know how important a CMS is for creating dynamic content for websites. So, we've made this tool versatile to manage all kinds of content - Blogs, Products, Landing Pages or even simpler elements like Team Members or Testimonials. Our CMS makes creating content easy!"

The CMS is a fundamental component of Divhunt, and we are committed to its continuous evolution, shaping it to your needs. To get a glimpse of what the future holds, take a sneak peek here.

Make perfect organization of your collection


Here's a neat way to handle big collections, like landing pages. With Tabs, each part of your page can be its own tab. Makes organizing easy, right?


This feature is a bit simpler but still keeps you sorted. Everything is on the same page, just divided into clear sections. That way, you can always find what you're looking for.

Field Widths

Want to mix things up with your layout? With adjustable field widths, you can have multiple fields in a single row. Now that's a flexible solution!

Content Fields

Short Text

This field is typically used for small pieces of text such as titles, headings, or brief descriptions.

Long Text

This field is used for larger blocks of text such as descriptions.

Rich Text

Similar to the long text field, but with additional formatting options. Users can apply different styles (like bold or italic), create bullet or numbered lists, add links, custom code, images and many more. Perfect for blog content.

Media Attachment

This field is used to upload and attach media files to content. This could include images, videos, PDF documents, etc.

Select Dropdown

This field is used when there are multiple predefined options and users need to select one (or more). The options are presented in a dropdown menu.


This is often a simple on/off or yes/no switch. It's used when there's a binary choice to be made, such as enabling or disabling a specific feature. Perfect if you need to hide some section on a page conditionaly.

Simple to use

Make any type of design you like and easily connect a specific collection. Our visual builder allows you to connect tags so they take content from your collection.

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