Builder Performances Improved

With our enhanced builder, performance remains optimal, no matter how many pages you create in the future.


Even before this update, our builder could handle unlimited pages. However, there could be some slowing down after creating 200+ pages, especially on less powerful computers.

Today, we've erased that worry. Now, we're confident that your builder will work smoothly, no matter how many pages you have, be it 1, 30 or 500. You deserve nothing less!

So, how did we do it?

In the past, our builder combined all page data into one large JavaScript file. When a user opened the builder, they had to load this big file, which grew larger the more pages you had.

But with this new version, we load only the JavaScript of the current active page. New JavaScript files are loaded as you open each new page. So, regardless of how many pages you have, it will always work perfectly!

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