Workflow Bug Fixes & Enhancements

After thorough QA testing and improvements, our builder launched on AppSumo on July 5th. With over 50 tasks resolved, we've perfected every detail to ensure an smooth user experience.


In June, we focused mainly on thoroughly testing our builder, fixing bugs, and improving wherever possible.

We launched on AppSumo on July 5th, anticipating that many people would use our tool to build websites. We spent a lot of time perfecting every small detail. We're thrilled with the results; we received very few bug reports from the AppSumo community! You can check our deal here.

We resolved over 50 tasks on our Asana board! Here's a snapshot of some improvements and fixes we made:

  • Enabled Laptop & Trackpad gestures (pinch zoom)
  • Added the option to link anchors with smooth page scrolling
  • Improved margins & padding system
  • Resolved multilanguage issues in components & loops
  • Fixed a bug that made copying/pasting components impossible
  • Fixed an issue causing a white screen after login
  • Re-coded the Undo/Redo system to address numerous issues

While some tasks might seem straightforward, they required considerable development time. We're dedicated to investing the hours needed to perfect this product for you! If you find any bugs or think of ways we could improve, please post it on our forum.

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