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Turn your creative designs into earnings. Submit templates, and we'll handle development and sales. Your designs, your profits.


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Create a custom website design template for businesses or individuals. Template designs needs to followguidelines.

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We'll handle the development

Sit back and relax, we are taking from here. Our team will take care of the development process, bringing your design to life.

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Earn money from each sale

Enjoy the passive income. With earnings of up to 75% from each sale, your template designs turn into a source of profit.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I earn money by submitting a design?


We utilize Stripe as our payment processor, enabling us to accept a wide variety of global credit cards, such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and more.

Do I need to handle development?


No, we handle the development process. You focus on design, and we'll make your vision functional.

What types of designs are accepted?


We welcome various types of template designs – business, personal, and more. Share your creativity!

How much can I earn per sale?


You can earn up to 75% from each sale, ensuring a lucrative income stream.

When do I get paid?


Earnings are credited after every valid purchase. Payments are processed at the end of the month.

Can I submit multiple designs?


Absolutely! You can submit as many designs as you'd like, increasing your earning potential.

How do I track my earnings and sales?


Our intuitive dashboard lets you monitor your earnings and track sales activity in real-time.

Are there any fees to join?


Joining is free – there are no upfront fees. You earn as you sell.

What if my design doesn't get many sales?


Our platform provides exposure, and your earnings grow with sales. Our team is committed to promoting your designs.

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Earn as a Developer

Build templates and plugins for consistent earnings. Turn your development talents into a reliable source of income.

Build Templates

Craft beautiful templates for various industries. Help users stand out with your designs.

Build Plugins

Develop feature-rich plugins that will unlock new possibilities and improve workflows.


What our users say about us

I have used webflow in past and I can say that even with their regular pricing they offer much more value than webflow. They have taken the best elements of webflow, Figma, and Framer and combined them into 1 great website builder.



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To be honest, I'm kinda concerned there might be a catch hahaha. The builder is really powerful, you can customize virtually every noticeable setting without any code, which is good for everyone.The page performance is off the charts.

After 15 years of hard work behind the scenes creating websites, I now know that I don't want to worry about updates, backups etc. I want to be able to build sites and be more of a creator that the team can trust. I don't want to manage a team of people, I want them to manage themselves and I can just create. That's why the SaaS application and cloud CMS is a great solution.


Miroslav Sazovsky

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So far, I'm blown away by how incredible and packed with features this website builder is. For a tool that's still in beta, it feels like every single detail of the canvas and tools have been carefully considered with meticulous attention to detail. Everytime I think, 'they wont have added that yet', concerning even the slightest use-cases, I'm proven wrong.

The platform is impressive, performance is awesome and the overall UI/UX feels great. Easy to navigate and design, really close to using Figma. They have a good amount of plugins already, that extends the base functionality of the builder while keeping it no-code.

Even in beta, Divhunt seems quite a polish website builder with a very good UI, user friendly. They clearly have a passionate and driven team behind it who is committed to develop their product and make it one of the best website builder on the market. I am convinced of this.



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Being in the web dev space i'm always on the lookout for webflow-like contenders and so far im pretty impressed with Divhunt. I love the canvas like approach to seeing all the pages, layering is much better and i love the instant preview without having to click publish. Rebuilding our agency site in Divhunt right now.

When it comes to performance, in testing my page loads rapidly and the quality remains uncompromised. So for, with everything what I’ve tried, I wholeheartedly give it 5/5 tacos for facilitating unlimited creation of speedy and high-quality websites.

When you open the builder, you immediately know and see in every single aspect: a refined, beautiful and intuitive UI, amazing possibilities to personalize elements and the whole flow, which is like a shelf higher than anything I've dealt with so far.

I discovered Divhunt while browsing Appsumo and bought a code figuring I'd try it because of the money back guarantee. I started cloning one of my bootstrap sites and was blown away - now I'll have 3 websites completed in 3 weeks in my spare time.

When I look at Divhunt. I see so much potential. This company has vision of what software should be. I don't see the world as it is. I see the world of what it could be. A world where I can unlock the full potential of my imagination and this software will help me build this vision.

At first, I was overwhelmed by the many customization options and settings. Through spending more time using it, I am quickly finding it is easy to get started, while at the same time, I can tell that it will not soon limit me.

This website builder exceeded my expectations with its great UI, intuitive interface, and excellent customer service. Roadmap looks very promising with a native E-commerce solution. Five stars from me!

I am an active user of Webflow. By “active,” I mean that I use it daily, all day long, for the past four years. As a satisfied user of Webflow, I don’t usually look for new tools. However, Divhunt caught my eye as it seems to integrate the requests that the Webflow community has been making for years. Additionally, its interface is clean and modern, with a really pleasant UX to work with. After experimenting a bit with the builder, I got very impressed.

I’ll leave all the fancy features aside in Divhunt and I’ll concentrate on how important and beautiful the SPA (Single Page Application) which I’ve seen on YouTube but I couldn’t believe until I developed something very quickly to see the result, and yes, it’s actually just like what I’ve seen, the page simply opens like a section in the same page!, in a blink of eye.

You are so versatile and just getting started. I wonder how much you will grow in two years or more. Honestly, I have forgotten about all the other platforms and want to focus on this one. I want to build courses for Latin America, work on multiple projects using it, share its existence on social media, and leverage all the followers I have for that purpose.

For those that want to get stuck in, they have everything you could wish for. The best page building interface I have ever seen with all the features you could ever need (No joke) proper handling of styles, colors, files that are part of your page (CSS, javascript, etc.), a budding CMS, a growing selection of plugins to extend functionality, and this is constantly expanding.



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These guys seem committed to making a product that is both excellent and accessible. Based on everything I've seen, it seems like they genuinely care about getting the best tools into people's hands. When someone requests something, they make it happen. When someone requests something that would be impossible for them to do, they say so openly and explain why.

Divhunt is a serious Webflow alternative. I've developed websites in the past using other CMS and templates but always got frustrated with the limitations that come with pre-built templates. I was looking for a Webflow alternative with a reasonable learning curve, I think I found it with Divhunt.

I’ve worked a lot with Webflow and Framer, and Divhunt has a nice start. After trying Divhunt, I'd say it's a pretty solid tool for quickly building feature-rich websites. The ability to go both no-code or add custom code routes depending on your preference is a major bonus. Being able to visually drag-and-drop elements but also add custom CSS and code gives you the best of both worlds.


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