API Reference

Explore our concise guide on APIs for a clear understanding of interacting with the Divhunt system.

Getting Started

To get started with Divhunt's API, you need to set up authorization through tokens. These tokens grant permission for API calls. Tokens play a crucial role in granting permission for processing API calls.

Each token is configured with specific endpoints, allowing the execution of designated actions.

Getting Started

To create your first API token, check out following guide:

  • 1. Login to Divhunt Dasbhorad
  • 2. Select Project
  • 3. Go to API Tokens Tab
  • 4. Create Token
  • 5. Allow Access to Specific Endpoints
  • 6. Copy the token by clicking, and subsequently include it in your requests as the Authorization header, formatted as follows: Authorization: {token}.
  • 7. Explore documentation. Keep in mind that your website might have additional API endpoints if there are different applications and plugins installed. Therefore we recommend viewing your own personalized documentation.
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