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Feature08 December, 2023

Export Code

We’ve added a highly-requested feature: now you can export your website files! This is perfect for backups or if you prefer using a different hosting provider.

Enhancement05 November, 2023

CMS Major Update

CMS experience just got even better - seamlessly manage your content within Divhunt.

Feature01 November, 2023

WWW Redirect Rules

Choose whether to use your website domain with or without the "www" subdomain.

Feature25 October, 2023

CMS Filtering

Elevate your CMS management with an array of filtering options. From standard choices like "Equals" and "Not Equals" to a range of advanced filters, you now have the tools to refine your CMS items.

Enhancement20 October, 2023

Variable System + Transform

Dynamic variables now empower the transform system. Link data seamlessly to any third-party plugin that utilizes the transform system.

Feature19 October, 2023

CMS Export

Introducing Export CMS functionality. You can now export CMS content from your website collections with multilingual support.

Enhancement09 October, 2023

Variable System

We've enhanced the visual variable configuration, making it easier for you to clearly and intuitively see the variable being set.

Enhancement07 October, 2023

Multilingual System - Fallback Support

Non-default languages will display data from your default language until you translate it. Never get stuck with an empty page again.

Enhancement07 October, 2023

Multilingual System Improvements

Seamlessly accommodate up to 15 languages per website with our multilingual system.

Update06 October, 2023

New Color Panel

Explore our redesigned color panel sidebar with a brand new color picker!

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